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I learnt my lesson !

Lately, I have been announcing loud and clear how much I love animals and how badly they are treated here in Thailand.

Well, it is most probably because He understood how deeply I was moved by all this that God sent me a very special envoy to convey His almighty admiration for th ecause I claimed to defend with conviction.

His envoy cam ein the shape of a one meter long thin green and yellow snake looking at me with surprise while lying on my bathroom dispenser basket. Well, that was a special encounter !

I must say I was not up to the meeting and I screamed at the top of my voice. My husband caught it and tried to put it in a big jar so we could take it back to the jungle, but the scared little thing escaped and went to hide under the sink.

Since that day (last Monday), washing the dishes is a very uncertain task...

Well, I got the message ! Animals come in all shapes, and don't always have the face of a cute Teddy Bear, sometimes they are scary and impressive... This friendly snake (so far anyway) was most probably scared too and did not expect someone to scream at him when he was quietly taking a nap.